Dr. James Pendleton

Dr. James Pendleton is a primary care physician specializing in a naturopathic approach to family medicine. He has nurtured a family practice in Seattle, directed a VIP medical center in Abu Dhabi, published several books and scientific articles, and designed innovative nutritional supplements for manufacturers worldwide.

The Naturopathic Healer

James Pendleton is a naturopathic doctor with over 20 years clinical experience providing healthcare in the United States and overseas. He received his medical training at Bastyr University, a prestigious post graduate 4-year medical school that integrates both conventional and science-based alternative approaches to healing. This gives him fluency in both traditional Chinese medicine as well conventional Western methods like surgery or pediatrics. He is licensed with full prescriptive authority for primary care in Alaska, Arizona, California, Hawaii, and Washington State.

Dr. James is most passionate about the discovery and study of medicinal herbs, which provides him with a unique perspective on healing practices that he can share both with his patients and in his teaching roles. He has spent much of his life searching for innovative medicinal herbs in the markets of India and Turkey, and the jungles of Southeast Asia and Central America.

Dr. Pendleton has spoken at major events including Wellness Dubai and appeared on television and radio programs worldwide. Dr. Pendleton has also taught at the graduate and undergraduate level for several colleges and universities, including Bastyr.

Dr. James Pendleton’s 21 years in practice have focused on a more holistic form of medicine, utilizing therapeutic nutrition, herbal medicine, and lifestyle changes to complement and supplement prescription medications. He integrates the best of both conventional and complimentary healing.

Passion Meets Dedication

Another addition to Dr. Pendleton’s resume includes heading research and development for major nutrition supplement manufacturers. With his experience, James has become an expert in the creation of nutritional supplements.

He oversees the entire process from sourcing the highest quality ingredients, developing formulas and assessment protocols, facilitating nutritionist interactions, and innovating product development. While James has worked on projects throughout most of the world, his private practice in primary care keeps him on the pulse of what works in nutritional supplementation.  

Making a Difference

James brings a well-founded ability to help people meet lifestyle goals through his wealth of medicinal and nutritional wisdom. In addition to teaching aspiring doctors his ways, James shares his plethora of knowledge through his writing. The Complete Idiot's Guide® to the Coconut Oil Diet is just one of his published books which examines the science behind medicinal coconut oil and helps readers integrate natural coconut oil into their diets easily. It gathers evidence and expert opinions on the use of coconut oil to help with the deadliest of diseases and conditions, including: Alzheimer's disease, Diabetes, Heart disease, and more.

In a world of doctors, there are those that stand out. Dr. James Pendleton is one such doctor who has been recognized for his dedication and skill with his patients and consumers worldwide through natural medicine approaches to a healthy lifestyle.

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